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it's a NRGsys s.p.a.


NRGsys s.p.a. is a softwarehouse specialized in Medical and Healthcare projects since 2003.

NRGsys have a strong propension for research and innovation with new technologies for unconventional and innovative uses.

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OS3D implant planning and guided surgery software

OS3D offers 360-degree solutions for dentists and dental labs who want to stay update with technological evolution.

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OS3D is exclusively distributed by Maja srl

For any question, for technical or commercial information about OS3D, visit www.os3d.it or contact info@os3d.it

3DMed can create OEM versions of the OS3D for companies and distributors

3DMed is known for its OPEN products. 

3DMed can create highly customized OEM versions of its software products with full graphic interface and functional customization.


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